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Hey, We are Speaker’s Group

Since there’s no TEDx event without great speakers we now have a fourth group within the TEDxKielUniversity Organizing Team: The Speakers Group.

The next months we will need to check out and discuss potential speakers fitting to our topic as well as preparing an application process for everyone interested in becoming a speaker at TEDxKielUniversity. So if you feel like you have got an “Idea Worth Spreading” that suits our topic of “Crossing Frontiers” please let us know and you will have the chance to stand on our stage in front of an interested audience listening to your talk. And not just our audience will be listening but you will get the chance to reach people far beyond your imagination – just some numbers:

– The most watched TEDx talk from Simon Sinek about “How great leaders inspire action” has 22,917,631 views:

– You don’t have to be interested in technology, economics or science. Even Tom Thum makes it into the Top 10 list: He hits with his “Orchestra in my mouth” 2,354,772 views – with beatboxing on stage:

– You also don’t have to have a specific age: Just have a look at Thomas Suarez, “A 12 year-old app developer”. He made it up to 3,288,291 views:

These are just three examples of what is possible at a TEDx event – you can find many more on and!

But that means a whole lot of work for us way before the event. A few things we know for sure: There will be ten speakers having a maximum of 18 minutes to present their ideas to the world. But that is not much to start with.

Questions were raised like: How many speakers do we want to address and do we also want speakers to be able to apply? How will we approach speakers and which speakers will we approach? What will the application process be like, which rules should we set up and what happens if we get too many applications? Who will go through all the applications and which criteria will help us to decide? What kind of topics do we want to be covered and how do we get there?

The experiences shows: Sometimes you end up discussing questions you never thought about in advance – but that is also the exciting part as every meeting brings us closer to our event. And for the time between we decided to watch as many TED/TEDx talks we can.

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