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TEDx in Kiel 2016

The first TEDxKielUniversity event was a few weeks ago and we have already plans for the next one in 2016!


Since there a many more great ideas worth spreading and we know how much you can learn while organizing such an event we would like to establish TEDxKielUniversity as a yearly event – organized by students, doctoral candidates and lecturers of Kiel Unviersity.


In addition we applied for a license for four TEDxKielUniversitySalons. Those are smaller events for watching TED(x) talks about a special theme and with time for discussions. We already found some nice, cozy cafés and have ideas for interesting topics. The salons will be organizdd by members of the course “Creating a TEDx event” by the Key Skill Center of Kiel University with the help of the TEDxKielUniversity organizing team.

Please be aware: We do not have a license yet for this event – but it will be very likely that TED will grant us one. There are a few aspects we already had to state in order to apply for such a license but most of them can be subject to change and the concrete details of both events (e.g. event location, final list of speakers, time frame, etc.) will be determied by the respective organizing teams.

If you would like to stay updated there are different option:

– You can suscribe to our (irregular) Newsletter [LINK]

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If you haven't done so: have a look at the speakers and videos of our first TEDxKielUniversity event in 2015.

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