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There are currently no salon events planned.

Past Salon Events

Science Communication


24. November 2016,

6pm - 8pm
JuMe Bar, Harmsstraße 83, 24114 Kiel

Don't Imitate - Educate


15. September 2016,

6pm - 9pm
Studio-Bar, Wilhelminenstraße 10, 24103 Kiel

Flyer for the event:


Public Speaking in the 21st Century

29. May 2016

4pm - 8pm
Cafe Impuls (Leibnizstraße 14, Kiel)

TEDx Salons


These are small weekly or monthly events that keep our TEDx community engaged between regular events.


Salons give us time discuss single subjects in depth and the opportunity to get to know TED and TEDx better.

Come and join us!

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