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Asfand Yar Farooqi

Asfand Yar Farooqi moved to Germany from Pakistan in 2010 with one simple goal of attaining a master’s degree. Although his father wanted him to study engineering, Asfand Yar found his calling in interacting with people more than just with machines. Studying people, their  feelings, their dreams and perceptions was something Asfand was drawn to.


The student organization AIESEC provided him with the opportunity to engage in topics such as personal development and emotional intelligence, and soon Asfand Yar was working as a trainer and facilitator in these fields. Besides his interest in humans, Asfand Yar loves wandering off with his camera. While exploring the world of photography he found a connection between his perception of colors and perception of humans.


In his talk Asfand Yar will tell you about how this discovery/realization formed the base for changing his own behaviours, and could be the base for unlocking much more in people!





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