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Daniel Meza

Daniel Meza Arredondo is a doctoral researcher at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, where he develops solar cells and tries to understand how they work and how to improve them.


Daniel was born in Mexico city in 1986, and studied Photography and Physics. He fell in love with Berlin and moved there in 2011, where he has been learning a lot about the german culture. 


Daniel has a passion for science communication and thinks the best way of understanding something is by explaining it to other people. He loves repairing bicycles and considers himself an unorthodox sailor and inventor of the mexican sailing knot.


When he was a little kid his mother used to tell him a story that has become his philosophy of life. On November 12th he will share this story with us and explain us how this story has taken him all the way from Mexico to the stage of TEDx Kiel. 

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