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Dr. Jingnan Guo

You want to travel

to Mars? Watch out!

Always fascinated by the exploration of Universe, Jingnan Guo started studying astrophysics when she was 17 years old. In 2007 the Marie-Curie Fellowship brought her to Europe to pursue her PhD on “high energy solar physics”. Ever since then she had been living and studying in four different institutes over three different countries across Europe (UK, Italy and Germany). Having worked with different groups and grown through various projects, Guo’s research area ranges from solar dynamics in particular particle acceleration and propagation during solar eruptions to the influence of solar energetic particles as well as galactic cosmic rays on Earth, Mars and the interplanetary space. Her current work is dedicated to better understanding the radiation environment in the interplanetary system and the risk of human exploration to deep space and other planets such as Mars.

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