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Mahasweta Saha

Dr. Mahasweta Saha is a Marine Chemical Ecologist and currently a Research Fellow at the University of Essex, UK. With several prestigious international fellowships and research grant awards, she completed her PhD and her first Post Doc at the Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research in Kiel before moving to the UK in 2016.

Dr. Saha is the winner of London FameLab 2017 finals and was among the top ten young science communicators in FameLab UK 2017. She also represented the United Kingdom at the European Researcher’s Night in September 2017.


Moreover, she was among the top four scientists invited by the British Ecological Society to represent young scientists at the Voice of Future in March 2017 at the British Parliament, Westminster, London. She was also the runner up at the British Ecological Society Science Slam in December 2016.

On November 12, 2017 she will inspire us by her story of ‘Color your mind with resilience’.

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