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Zara Apetrei Huseynova

Zara Apetrei Huseynova is the founder and CEO of WoWoman and ALZA boutiques in Azerbaijan.

She founded ALZA at the age of 18 with a budget of just 200 Dollars and 1,5 years ago the 23 year old went on to found WoWoman in Baku/Azerbaijan, a woman empowerment platform that now involves a team of 50+ woman and is expanding internationally.

Zara is an alumnus of the United States Departement of State exchange program in public policy and social entrepreneurship. She was selected by the U.S. Departement of State to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University, hosted by President Barack Obama.

In 2016 Zara became an alumnus of the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, being one of just 4 people from around the world to receive a full scholarship.


She has been delivering trainings, facilitated and chaired national and international conferences for five years and has been the local committee president of AIESEC in 2010/2011. Furthermore she has been a 5 times national champion in ballroom dancing, representing Azerbaijan in European and World Championships.

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