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Location confirmed

We are very delighted to be able to announce the location of the first TEDxKielUniversity event: the KulturForum in Kiel!

Like you can already imagine because of the name this is a place known for cultural events from music over dancing to poetry. We love working together with the staff members because they are very flexible and supportive of our event. The room with the stage is quite impressive and the whole organizing team is very happy because it perfectly represents the atmosphere we want our TEDx event to be. In addition there is already good technical infrastructure available to do video recordings.

As you can probably imagine, it did take us some time to finally find THE location we thought would be the perfect fit for our TEDx Event. Over a time period of three months we took different locations into consideration, made pro and con lists and almost ended up with a different location until someone (we love you!) suggested the KulturForum in the last minute. We immediately checked out the location, contacted the people in charge and from then on it was basically a sure-fire success.

With the time and location settled, we can now focus on planning more details about how we will decorate and set up the conference hall during the event to ensure that everyone will have a good time. And we cannot wait to find out who will be presenting on our beautiful stage at the KulturForum on December the 2nd!

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