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TEDx is officially coming to Kiel again!

We finally received the official license from TED to create a second TEDxKielUniversity conference on 03.12.2016! Members of last year’s organizing team already started preparing informations, thinking about potential speakers, checking possible locations and – especially important – have been able to inspire passionate and motivated new volunteers for our team. Now we can finally start organizing! Here's Henry, our new license holder:

The TEDxKielUniversity conference 2015 set the standards already very high. But we are eager to make it even better this year. You would like to participate in TEDxKielUniversity 2016? There will be the possibility again to apply with your idea as a speaker – save the date: the application form will be online on 21.03.2016! Application for an audience ticket will be possible from April until (latest) the end of September – if you would like to stay informed sign up for our Newsletter like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. For more information about the speakers of TEDxKielUniversity 2015 have a look here.

Additionally we received the license to do something new this year: TEDxKielUniversitySalon events. We decided to organize four salons in 2016 to keep the TED(x) spirit in Kiel alive. During those events we will watch TED(x) talks to a specific topic and have inspiring discussions to share ideas. Mark those days in your calender (can be subject to change):

21.05.2016 Public Speaking in the 21st Century

02.07.2016 Education

06.08.2016 Science Communication

03.09.2016 How Ideas can change the World.

For more information on the salon events have a look here.

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