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Hey, we are budget!

Have you been thinking, how to make your academic life as a student or a PhD candidate more exciting?

Do you want to share bright ideas with your community?

Do you want to share in bringing a newly-born idea a step closer to its realization?

Do you want to make a difference in your community?


Here in Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, we invited our under- and post-graduate students to take a break from their examinations and stress, and share in a life experience that will not only change their lives but also enriches our community as well. “Ideas Worth Spreading” is the TEDx slogan that we are going to carry on. Hosting a TEDx event for the first time in Kiel University started up as a dream of a small team of enthusiasts. However, today the organizing team has grown to a big wonderful volunteer family.

So, do you want to learn firsthand how to handle a budget and how to seek sponsors?

Very easy, join us in the budget team. Our Team consists of a group of 7 members (alphabetically); Anna, Doaa, Julia, Maja, Marika, Marton and Rahel. Despite we come from different countries and different disciplines, our TEDx project brought us all to a common objective. Together with our supporting sponsors, our goal is to realize our TEDx event and ensure its continuation annually. Confidence, enthusiasm and harmony are our drive force to reach that goal and bring our dream one step closer every day.

Of all the TEDxKielUniversity teams we are the realist. We are the group holding the finances and keeping the book straight and the balance of all the expenses. We simply asked the other teams to dream big and bring all their wishes to us, and out of that we created our Budget plan. And we promised them that we will make all their dreams come true. Every effort made in our Team will make all the other teams’ life easier and that is actually our goal.

We, as the budget team together with all the other groups of our TEDx family, are working hard to assure you quite an unforgettable event on December 2nd 2015.

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