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Meeting Adam from TEDxEAL

In the past week we experienced two very intensive TEDx days! When some of us participated in TEDxEAL in Odense we met Adam Montandon, an associate professor of innovation at E.A.L. Denmark and more importantly: one of the two main organizers of the first TEDxEAL. After talking to Adam only for a few minutes we felt so inspired that we decided to invite him to Kiel. facebook offline . buy io domains Without hesitation he got in the car and visited us for two days.

All groups sent at least on representative and it already took a whole day, five pages of notes and almost every weather situation you can have in Kiel to get

through all the questions that came to our minds. At the end of the day we had gotten an idea about what we will be facing in the next months – and more importantly: according to our topic, we crossed the frontiers on our minds and started to dream outside of the financial and capacity restrictions we created had around us. what is a domain We asked ourselves what kind of event we want to create instead of what kind of event could be realistic.

The second day we actually went from “talking” to “doing”: We launched our Facebook page and created application forms for audience tickets and speakers. Within a day we already got 100 likes on Facebook! This might not sound like a big deal to some of you but for us it was. We started to go public; we made the first big steps for letting everyone know that we are on our way to create something big.

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